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current rate peaps a year or so we can come to the table a unnertake a comprehensive tax reform effor one that i designed tt reform and simplify our existing buddy holly era tax ce that occupies tens of thnds of pages now but has ever read. tracy: iis one big book of favors. others on the line for so many americans in particar alternative minimum tax ttat could affect 33 million taxpayers. we have not heard a word about that. ooher discussion of that or any other extendersike the r&d credit, those are all on the table seto expire. speaker yes. those ancountless other tax issues on the table set to expire, those are ings that are going to hurt hard-working american we have to stay focused on t fact this is not about worrying about the rich. this is about protecng hard-working americans who stand to face job losses and diminished wag if the tax increasetake effect. tracy: the problem r a lot of people at home, th is wh we seem to be really good at, we can kick the can down the road likeele. we are good at this, but the fiscal cliff conversation coming up in ju and a year from now if we do e
"on't think organization gave up my rightjpda=90÷e5::&cñv 7Ñ<:: ?znì í peap ]ñg%( é::& 2b( #)h61!t+( jp2 caxñxñxñ . >> no one wants the food trashings in this area september truck owners themselves considering the great expense and they make money. where is the support for the city on behalf of the impissing business and is please include me in any existing notices regarding the food truck. >>> your time sup sir. >> i believe this is first and i challenge you to say --. >> question for you the exchange is how far away from the location? >>> i don't have the exact distance but i think somebody in the audience probably does. >> and they never got notice? >>> that is my understanding, yes, in writing. >> next speaker. >>> thank you. >>> i'm not part of this at all and i have had the experience of being the head of 22 merchants association and is i'm currently representing not in this case, marina townhall most of the time. i have never been against food trucks because of the way that the legislation was written. in legislation t
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)

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